Private Lessons

$90.00 per lesson
$350.00 per five (5) lessons

($1.00 per mile round trip outside the city of Fond du Lac)

Tails for Life Academy

Puppy Course

$150.00 for two days a week
$100.00 for one day a week

This program is geared towards teaching your puppy basic commands and proper socialization to things they will encounter in every day life. This program is most effective for puppies 10 weeks of age and up. This course typically requires 8 to 10 weeks of training (twice a week) and 12 to 16 weeks (one day a week).   

Junior College Program (Adult Dogs)

$165 for two days a week
$115 for one day a week

This program is geared towards teaching your adult dog basic commands or to undo any negative habits that may have developed. This program is most effective for newly adopted dogs, dogs struggling with obedience skills or with little to no socialization skills. This program is for puppies finishing the puppy course and looking to advance their skills. This program is designed to help growing puppies get through the teenage stage of their life. This program typically requires 8 to 10 weeks (two days a week) and 12 to 16 weeks (one day a week). This program best for dogs 6 months of age and up.

Bachelor's Program

$150 for two days a week
$100 for one day a week

This program is geared towards your puppy or adult dog advancing their education. This program is for clients seeking Canine Good Citizen and advanced training. This program is most effective for clients dealing with behavior problems or issues that require more attention. This program typically requires 8 to 10 weeks for advanced obedience skills (two days per week) and 12 to 16 weeks (one day per week). Behavior problem(s) time frames vary per dog basis.

****Every dog and behavior case is may require more time than stated in the above programs.

Master's Program

$3,200.00 (45 Days)
This program is a combination of all the programs listed above allowing your pup to get the most amount of training for the best price. (Call for more details)

Ultimate Package (PHD Program)

Unlimited Training for the life of your pet....for the general public only

****Second dog 15% discount

Tails for Life Day Care (Play Only)

5 Day Package: $100.00

10 Day Package: $190.00

20 Day Package: $360.00

Evaluation: $25.00 first day

*Tax not included

(All daycare participants must have received bordetalla vaccine (intranasal), leptospirosis, distemper, parvo, rabies, heartworm prevention, flea/tick prevention and a recent clean fecal sample prior to participating in Tails for Life's Daycare Program) 

All small dogs will only be allowed to participate in our small dog play group
All large dogs will only be allowed to participate in our large dog play group

****Second dog 15% discount

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